A bit shit, or very shit. Like a really bad idea on The Apprentice TV Reality Show.
Our Product design is Bouji.
We've done a really Bouji job at this task.
by BoujiBouji January 6, 2022
When you come up with a terrible idea on the apprentice and still end up on the winning team.
Kathryn's ideas were extremely bouji on last night's episode of the apprentice.
by Dixi Normous January 7, 2022
See Boujee... The correct spelling by SoundCloud Rappers.
It's not Bouji , it's Boujee as in Bad and Boujee by The Three Turtleneck Wearing MuskAmigos Ft. That Weird Guy with the Weird Name that has an Israeli Open-Bolt, Blowback -Operated Submachine Gun in it who is Little and also is a Convertible Car.
by It's The Dude Bruh August 20, 2018
Aspiring to be upper class, maybe from the French word “bourgeois” or “bourgeoisie”.
You cooks are getting boujie putting gruyère in that mac n cheese.
by Petesy Boy January 15, 2018
Uppity, better than others, often refers to wealth
Gouda in mac & cheese? That’s some boujie mac & cheese!
by NikiLiz January 11, 2018
Of or pertaining to someone who is not only pretentious but believes themselves to be financially and physically superior. Those who succumb to elitist ideals.
I hate those boujie Abercrombie kids.
by deeewith3es September 17, 2005
A Southern African-American contraction of the word "bourgeoisie", used to describe someone rich or in the upper class. Similar meaning to "sidity".
"This chick thinks she's so boujie ".
by D_bLoCk February 25, 2010