Always Barely Having Adequate Funds In Cash, In The Account, Or On Credit Cards To Afford What You Are Trying To Purchase And KNOWING That You Need To Put That Money In Other Places Because You Are In Constant Danger Of Maxing Out Cards Or Being Broke Fr If You Keep This Up. But You’re Spoiled & You Can’t Tell Yourself No & Risk FEELING Broke. So You Buy It Anyway & Pray For The Best.
Regular Broke friend:
I WISH I could’ve gone shopping today too. But I’m broke.

Bougie Broke Friend: You know I’m broke too. I shouldn’t have been shopping but I’m being bougie broke until payday.
by iKams October 6, 2019
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Living off low income wearing High Valued Clothing & driving Luxury Cars
You see that guy/girl wearing Gucci, Prada, Louie driving out of those low income housing complex that's what you call "Broke Bougie"
by Trill100 May 5, 2015
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