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(v)The act of dating a female half your age because you can't score with any women in your own age group because they think you're pathetic.
(n)A man child who lives at home and spends his allowance at the titty bar and buying booze and chicken nuggets for high school girls
Cody: Ayyye, my man picked up an 18 year old again at the titty bar now they're shopping for prom attire. What a slick bastard!
Mike: Isn't he almost 40? That's a Bottorff move.
Cody: Yahh but what teenage girl is going to say no to a guy with a car who buys them a 20 piece chick nugget meal, likes all of their selfies and can score them 6 packs of Mike's Hard? Most dudes in high school only spring for the 4 piece!
Mike:Does she have any friends? I'll one up him and elevate my Bottorff game and make it a wings meal at BJ's and buy myself a signature cocktail and slide it over to her and then do a creepy wink like "Ayyye baby what's good, you coming back to my moms or...?"

Jess: I'm really concerned about you.
Amanda: Why?
Jess: My dad went to high school with your boyfriend. Don't you think it's strange that he's always lurking outside of the club on teen night?
Amanda: You're just jealous that you don't have a Bottorff. He fills my gas tank whenever I pick him up at his mom's and drive us to Applebee's, he told me I look hot in my profile photo, his mom made us the best dinner the other night and he compliments the booty. At least he's better than my ex, that dude is in 10th grade math and he's not even old enough to buy me Bacardi Breezer's and Fireball. That's why I prefer men and not BOYz ROFL, I can't even.
Jess: Turn down the trap music and stop taking selfies, you're driving and this is a serious talk AMANDA. Bottorff is OUT
by ayemuggle May 29, 2018
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The ultimate fuckboy starter pack. To qualify you must be an older man who lives with your mother, does a lot of hard drugs, creeps on teenage girls, hang out at the titty bar after work and can't score with ladies in your own age range because they're repulsed by you.
See also Peter Pan Syndrome
Mom: I really don't like you dating a Bottorff, you were raised better than that.

Meghan: But he liked my selfie and he told me I was pretty and he drives!
Mom: Go to your room and study for the SAT's.
Meghan: Oh yeah? We'll see what you have to say when I turn 18 and move into his mom's house.
Mom: You're grounded
by ayemuggle May 29, 2018
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