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A "Bottom Baby" is a baby whose head was crushed while in the womb.

This is caused by a mother having twins and the baby on top crushes the baby on the bottom, AKA Bottom Baby's head.
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Dude that guy is sooooo dumb, he must be a bottom baby.
by WienerHutGeneral February 22, 2020
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Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
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A bottom baby is a baby that was conceived via anal sex. Although highly unlikely, it is possible for a sperm to reach the egg while a couple is having anal sex. For example, if the male pulls out when he cums, and unloads all over the females arsehole, some sperm can get into the vulva and thus a bottom baby is created.

If a person ever finds out that they are a bottom baby it is devastating to that person.
Jack: "Hey what's wrong with Andrew, he seems a little down?"
Phil: "Oh he just found out that he's a bottom baby"
Jack: "Poor guy, he must be devastated"
Phil: "Yea..."
by topcatistop May 26, 2009
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A person who grew up from nothing, and came along way by there self , & hustled to get where there at, nobody can stand in there way there born to win
We just some bottom babys that made it out the gutter
by King $hooter December 28, 2020
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A bottom baby is a person who is always the bottom in the relationship, the little spoon, the one who gets fucked, all that jazz So basically the same thing as a pillow princess
Lisa: “oh look at my little bottom baby

Cam: “ughh, stop”
Lisa tolled her eyes: “you didn’t seem that mad when I fucked your guts out”
Cam then blushed furiously: “BABE!”
Lisa chuckled: “seee, this proves my point
by Wierdo#100 November 02, 2020
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