A left hand turn that is started far too early and made at approximately 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Used primarily when trying to make a turn ahead of an oncoming car, often to cut in front of a long line of oncoming cars.
That dude in the Monte Carlo just banged a harsh Boston Left
by Bob Growler August 6, 2007
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If you are the first person in line in a left-turn lane, a Boston Left is the act of pulling your car into the middle of the intersection and waiting until you can turn, whether or not the light has turned red. Its a way to "force" yourself through a light, because the opposing flow of traffic will be unable to proceed with you in the way.
"I dont care if the light is red or not, Im not waiting another 5 minutes to turn- Im pulling a Boston Left"
by Zeromus255 November 16, 2011
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Taking a left hand turn from the center lane (or lane to the right of the left turn lane) so as to avoid the traffic in the turning lane.
"The line to take a left sucked, so i said fuck it and took a boston left.
by gobostongo February 18, 2009
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A driving technique for turning left onto a busy road with no stoplight. You use the middle left-turn lane (also known as the suicide lane) as a buffer before merging into the lane you're actually supposed to drive in.
Friend: How are we supposed to turn onto this road? There's always a car in each lane.
You: Guess we have to make a Boston Left.
by deutschshep January 28, 2022
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