In the late 1950s and early '60s, songwriters like the classically-trained Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim and the soft-voiced guitarist João Gilberto created a smoother, jazz-influenced version of the Samba - which itself was a product of the nation's poorer classes. Middle-class Brazilians preferred the newer sound, which was dubbed Bossa Nova, or "The New Way." Bossa Nova is velvet sophistication atop a feathery five-against-four rhythm, and is most famously epitomized by Gilberto's "Girl from Ipanema." American jazzmen like Stan Getz - who went on to collaborate frequently with Gilberto and Herbie Mann visited Brazil and brought the Bossa Nova to international attention. Some commercial distortion followed, but Bossa Nova continues to influence modern Brazilian pop and other regional styles today.
Bossa Nova: Antonio Carlos Jobim Aka Tom Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto, Baden Powell, Eliane Elias, Elis Regina, João Gilberto, Nara Leão, Sérgio Mendes, Stan Getz, Maria Rita, Sitti Navarro, Rosalia De Souza, Celso Fonseca, Luiz Bonfá, Carlos Lyra, Tamba Trio, Gal Costa, Seu Jorge, Vinicius de Moraes.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ September 17, 2010
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Type of music that was invented by Tom Jobim in Brasil.

Imagine lying on the beach under a palm tree in Rio with your eyes closed and your feet stucking in the warm sand while you feel the warm sun on your skin, ocaisinaly sipping on your cold mojito while listening to smooth guitar music and the soft voice of a woman grieving about life.

This is bossa nova.
Bossa Nova

Mira que cosa mas linda, mas llena de gracia
Es esa muchacha, que viene y que pasa
Con su balanceo, camino del mar
Niña de cuerpo dorado, del sol de Ipanema
Con su balanceo, es todo un poema
La chica mas linda que he visto pasar

- La garota de ipanema ( Tom Jobim) , spanish version
by Reila November 26, 2018
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A latin style of music, mostly emphasizing the drums. I have uploaded a short sample of drums and bass.
That slinky bossa nova had a real cool feel to it.
by Ben Roberts May 12, 2005
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The up and comming don of music production - Jonathan Fang.
by Wasng June 18, 2004
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cool, sly, sharp, enticing, mysterious. also heard in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie
"Bossa Nova!"
"Chevy Nova?"
by bert_fegg June 3, 2004
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To be cool or hip. From The Ninja Turtles.
That car is Bossa Nova

Bill: Check out this cool picture
Frank: That's Bossa Nova, man!
by Symphonicrock002 May 12, 2007
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when someone thinks they have or acts like they have it goin' on with the ladies. they are smooth and cool.
he's got it goin' bossa nova
by jjooyyffuullggiirrll July 5, 2010
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