an alternate name for the state of Oregon, due to its gloomy, stark, and utterly boring nature. It's pronunciation does not only provide rhyme to this U.S. state's name, but shows truth to what it has to offer as far as entertaining.
There is nothing to do up here, but watch the Ducks, up here in Boregon.
by Schneeks January 28, 2011
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Oh-so-precious nickname for the city of Salem, Oregon. Primarily used by myopic teenaged hipsters who think they are entitled to automatic, effort-free, spontaneous fun. Not used by those who care to read a newspaper once in a while.
Dude, the bus to Wunderland stopped running a half hour ago. Just another day in So-Lame, Boregon.
by Beaver O'Lindy August 8, 2006
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