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A bootyhoe is an insult used towards someone that is a McHoe or just straight up McRude. On other terms, It is also another meaning for anus.
β€œOh look, it’s bootyhoe Tyrone!”
β€œWow, she is such a bootyhoe. Smh my head”
by omg_chewy November 07, 2018
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1) a hoe wid a booty
2) a black hoe
3) a hoe
1) You are such a bootyhoe
2) You seen dat bootyhoe over durr?
3) What a bootyhoe!
by Tbabii December 20, 2004
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a person who sends ass pics
β€œwoah look at ella. she’s a booty hoe”
by ellamauldin October 09, 2018
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