when a women's vaginal region is severely damage due to child birth or being a ho
After one kid this ho had a busted ass bootch!
by Lord Christopher December 4, 2007
To screw something up. To totally fail at a task.
Dude, you totally bootched that shot on the 8-ball.
by thunderfoot December 1, 2006
A severely torn asshole.
When I finished ravaging that whore's ass it left her with a bootch.
by Duke July 22, 2004
a term in which most dyslexic people get confused and or lazy to write the full expression, bitch.
"shut up u bootch"

"dude, don't you mean bitch?"
by smartazz69 December 22, 2012
1.A person addicted to cocaine. 2.One who snorts cocaine regularly.
bootch heads steal for a fix.
by Ana-Valentina May 10, 2006
A nickname given to a person with a severe ego dilema. Typically, the person acts in a condescending manner towards others. Usually a hypocrite. Mostly a charlatan. Generally attributed towards those who say but cannot do.

A male version of Snooty Bitch.
John is such a Snootchy Bootchy Bootch for stealing my ideas and claiming they were his own.
by donvoog March 17, 2009