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When you see a booty so fine and you go to shout "booyah", yet that booty influences you so much that you include it in your word, resulting in the amazing product of "bootah"
Person 1 : "Woah? Did you see her ass!"

Person 2 : "Where?"
Person 1 : "Over there!"
Person 2 : "OH damnn, BOOTAH"
by penDawg January 19, 2015
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i) a sexy lady
ii) a sexy lady's ass
iii) sex with a sexy lady
i) Damn, did you see that bird, she was a right bootah!!
ii) Mate, her bootah was so nice i just wanted to go up to her and squeeze it.
iii) Did you get any bootah last night?

i, ii and iii: I'd bootah that bootah's bootah anytime!
by Some giddy idiot January 07, 2007
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Nice ass..male or female

• Friendly name for a hottie of the opposite sex.
That's a fine bootah at the bar.

He's my bootah.
by shorty331 October 23, 2011
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