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Usually a rural place with little to no police patrolling making it the perfect place to smoke weed while driving around.
I want to go for a cruise in the boons because there are cops everywhere today.
by Nakeo October 14, 2009
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a verb or a noun

a skillful person who exhibits unskillful behaviour, the opposite of a noob n

the act of doing incompetent things by someone who is competent
what a boon!

OMG that was sooooo boon
by how`bazaaar November 27, 2016
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Look at the state of that dorty fuckin boon.

That boon smells like soil.

Did you pay your boon in handfuls of rice?
by Johann the magical frog May 02, 2006
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The exact opposite of a n00b, not only is it n00b backwards, it means that you are so uber-pro at video games that you will remain a virgin for the entirety of your life.

You simply won't have time to get with girls with all those n00bs to pwn!
Peter was such a BooN at Halo 2 that he never left his room and lived with his mother until he was 73
by Brian H July 10, 2005
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Noob spelled backwards.
Although it does not mean the opposite of 'Noob', it has to do with the same idea. While a noob is someone lacking experience, therefore tey are rather terrible at whatever it may be, a boon is somebody with experience but for whatever reason, they are just as bad. A boon plays at the skill level of a noob but they do't have an excuse because they have experience in the field they are performing in.
Mike: John, you're such a boon.
John: What are you talking about? I just started playing.
Mike: You've been playing for 2 years and you are still terrible!
by Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood April 08, 2007
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Boon is another term for cannabis and cannabis joints. Used by many in the east midlands area to describe there favorite plant.
Pass the boon to the last hand side" "Yo rooney when you picking up that booney" "Gingerman has has way to much boon tonight
by booney smoker June 12, 2010
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