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The type of boner that forces you to masturbate with out control, in the middle of school specifically when learning about social studies, or stuck in a study hall.
Person-Did you hear that Jordan was masturbating during study hall?
Another person- musta had a booner
by Lolmcbobs December 24, 2015
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Usually lower class Australian male that can be identified by his tight jeans and black heavy metal t-shirt. Also know to be sporting a mullet, smoking winnie reds and starting fights while drinking.
Hey have a look at that booner beating beating up his wife!
by AIMone March 11, 2003
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An accurate description of any person of native African-American or prime-African origin; usually accompanied by a notable IQ deficiency, a foul smell of sweat and filth and engorged lips, feet and backside. Occasionally, this definition can extend to presume a bone protruding from the proboscis and a mountainous or voluminous projection of Velcro hair. Thieving amongst Booners is rank and to be assumed, as is violence, asocial behavior, rap, and clan-like unity on "da streets" or in "da hood". See also Nigga / Nigger / Obama / Oprah
I know we're in the sewers, but it doesn't smell as bad as a buncha booners!
by SeeJayEm April 20, 2009
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1. A nickname given to people who you sincerely love.

The fact that the name is incorrectly used in the plural makes the nickname noteworthy and striking.
Hey Booners, remember that one time we ate that piece of chicken?
by RAB:) August 15, 2011
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