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A title for those who love smelling paper chemicals. Some prefer the rustic nostalgia of old books while others prefer the newly manufactured editions. These people may or may not actually like the content of the books they’re sniffing but nonetheless, that’s not what matters. School textbooks and dictionaries are also game.
A Book Sniffer is basically someone who likes smelling books. Obviously.

Person A: *sees someone inhaling

paper fumes religiously next to them, walks away*

Person B: *still sniffing euphorically *

Person C: *starts sniffing a book about drug addicts*

Person B: “You get it!”
by BootyDunkaDunkDunk June 15, 2018
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A person that has a contant need to sniff books. He may also want to sniff other things as well like toes. He/she would the be classed as a toe sniffer.
Person 1: I'm sniffing a book.
Person 2: Then you're a book sniffer!
by AnarchyTheSniffer December 03, 2015
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