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Boogay defines something that is lame sucks, and is very uncool. You usually say something is "boogay" if you didnt like it.
That test today was boogay!
by The big www June 29, 2012
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A special dog named Bugatti then booger then boogie then Boogay. You know when your dog is boogay when it’s two front paws cross over each other. Boogay’s usually look sad all then time and don’t care about the things around them. They don’t like pets on the head and don’t like to be touched on their butt. Boogay’s are the most perfect dogs because they don’t bother anyone, they listen very well, and they are very loyal.
Whoa dude! Your dogs really boogay!”

“You know I’m straight!”
by 3rd knight of boogay November 24, 2018
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