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n: (1) An ugly female. (2) Busted club chick.
What up with that Boogawolf you was messin' with the other day? She was mad hurt!
by T. Double March 24, 2006
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A girl your friend decides to hook up with on spring break yet she's the most busted bitch on the beach. usually found in packs of boogawolfs or with another species ie. Teenwolf.
Damn Tom, what were you thinkin gettin dome from the Boogawolf
by Moe Miggins July 30, 2008
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An extremely ugly person who usually has a very large head. Example:Isaiah Velasquez
Bro look at that ugly booga wolf over there!
by I'm the real tree October 27, 2014
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Fuck that bitch was an ugly ass boogawolf !
I regret fucking that ugly ass boogawolf last night, i was soo drunk!
by smddddddddddddddd December 17, 2016
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