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This prehistoric dinosaur has been dated back to the late jurassic period and believe it or not is still living today. Many theories suggest that the Boochasaurus survived the meteorite that wiped out every other species of his kind because he was so high at the time. He still suffers affects including minor brain damage, paranioa and nervous twitches as a result of this. Numerous sightings have been recorded stating he is generally found grazing on the common in Whitchurch, Cardiff in the U.K. However many followers are sceptical about this because the creature in the pictures and video footage looked so unbelievably wasted at the time he just didn't match up to the original specimin. If you ever decide to go Boochasarus hunting, my advise is to equip youself with at least 1.5 grams of marijuana because he is highly attracted to this substance.
Maff: What does the Boochasaurus look like then?
Bill: He's big green and scaley and his spikes all down his back.
Maff: Sounds like Nathan Gauci.
by Matthew Szwandt May 30, 2006
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