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Food pieces or crumbs that fall into cleavage. To be later thrown away or eaten.
When people eat and crumbs fall, they just brush them off. But when you have big boobs, whatever doesn’t make it into your mouth falls into your cleavage and becomes a boobsnack. I couldn’t fit a whole cupcake in there, but if like a Cheerio or a piece of bread from a sandwich falls in, I may not feel it unless it’s poking me. Also, every big boobed girl dates at least one guy in their lifetime who also tries to throw stuff into the cleavage from across the table. You try to surreptitiously get whatever might have fallen in out but nobody really wants to stick their hand down their shirt and dig around in public so sometimes there’s a surprise later when you take your clothes off.
by TkonNova January 11, 2013
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