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The skin, sweat, and biological matterial that accumulates underneath large, unclean breasts
"Paul was having a good time playing with Brittany's tits until he discovered flakes of boob cheese underneath her breasts."
by Mo'lester July 03, 2016
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..crunch, moist, cheese like substance found on trailor park titties.

also when people have pimply tits, its the puss that comes out of the pimples.
"man, pam has awful bad Boob cheese"
by caitieloo January 13, 2006
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Boobcheese is the clevage a girl shows when taking pictures. When you can see down her bra the clevage is called boobcheese. Also called Boobiecheese.
Girl: Eww....Omg look at her boobcheese!!! Its popping out in all her photos!!!
Boy: I love that boobcheese!!!
by sa[in]ne June 28, 2012
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