bill deblasio: no cars
via giphy
by plscommitdie March 17, 2020
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Another cute pet name for someone special. Use this exclusively on someone who is unique to you, someone you value so much it’s scary. Someone who means the world to you and that you fall for daily, and that you love very much. That one special someone who’s like no other person you’ve met before, and that you’d go to the ends of the world and beyond for. That one person that makes you the luckiest person alive.
Okay boo, love you.

Where are you going boo?
I’m sorry boo, I didn’t mean to ruin it.
by anon24424 March 28, 2021
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Another cute pet name for you special someone. Fot that one special person that means the entire world to you.
That one person that unknowingly changed your life, and who you'd give yours and much more for.
That person who you laugh with, cry with, and like to spend time with. Who has seen your brightest smile but your saddest tears. The one you do fun stuff with, and you want to keep in your life for the rest of your life. That one person who is beyond anyone and anything else you've ever had in your life.
That girl? That's my boo.
Will you be my boo?
by anon24424 March 28, 2021
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Boo is a word that scares everyone, if you see this word you either have to act scared and jump or scream in a funny way. If you don’t Your Gay
Friend draws boo on a paper
You:Oh shit
by Al3x/V1t0r October 20, 2019
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