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A disease in which the muscles contract and bones twist in every which way. This disease is exemplified clearly in the cartoon show Futurama in the episode name "The 80's Guy".
I couldn't find the video as an example, but I will quote the guy.

80's guy- "Fry, I'm an 80's guy. Friendship to me means that for 2 bucks I'll beat you with a pool cue till you got detached retinas. The deal will go ahead as ~CRACK~ ~CRACKLE~ UGH!!!! CRUNCH CRACK (and so on). MY BONES! (everyone gasps)"


80's guy- "I was so busy being an 80's guy that I forgot to cure it. CRRRRACKLE! My only regret..... is that I have... bonitis. (final crackling to death dies)"
by KageNoShibou December 23, 2007
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A serious medical condition in which the bones are extremely brittle and almost constantly deliver extreme pain. To date there is no cure, however there are treatments to make the pain less severe. There will likely not be a cure until the year 3000
Steve: He man let's go bone all those chicks!
Sean: I can't man... it's the bonitis :(
by Curtis_house May 26, 2009
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An erection. Usually used in conjunction with "a wicked case of". Originally from an episode of Futurama, it has been adapted in such a way to describe one's own wood.
Did you see how short that girl's skirt was? Damn, she gave me a wicked case of bonitis.
by robotsinmyhead October 14, 2004
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