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Bong Pong is played the same way as beer pong except whenever a cup is scored you take a hit of ganja(preferably from a bong) in addition to drinking the beer in the cup. Bowls should be packed before the start of the game.

Some people believe that you just put nugs in the cups then pack the nug once you land the ball in the cup. This leads to two things.

1: your game taking forever
2: a lot of spilt/lost weed

Stoner1: whats up nucca lets play some bong pong!

Stoner2: Sure i'll pack the bowls you put the beer in the cups

Stoner3&4: HELLZ YEAH
by HeroOfAlbion December 07, 2008
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The way it can be played is that you play it exactly like beer pong:
with every shot made, the other person has team has to hit the bong, two balls in the same cup is balls back, etc.

The difference is that you actually put candy or bomb food inside the cups.
Put gummy bears, oreos, sour worms, snickers, reese's pieces, etc.
So that every cup that is made by the opponent, they would get to eat what's in the cup.
It's obviously the best idea idea ever when you're high and munchies kick in as the game goes on.

This game is preferably for a group of super stoners. You go through a lot of weed while playing this game.
An alternative to the game is to place a batch of good food (candy) and nasty food (peas, oatmeal, etc.) into random cups to get the amazing stoned mix of snacking on munchies and dying of laughter at the opposing team's dismay when they have to eat a cup of brussel sprouts. But beer is absolutely acceptable too.
*takes a hit
Jon: "wow, we have all of these red solo cups and no beer, what are we going to do?"

*passes that sht, Stephen takes a hit
Stephen:"... at least we have weed and all of this candy..."

*they suddenly look at each other with wide, bloodshot eyes
Jon and Stephen: "BONG PONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHNIEIOCMEFJOQCJFI"
by dubsteph May 29, 2013
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The best game is ever. Every other definition posted before this one is fucking wrong as shit. The REAL way to play Bong Pong, is simple. You just play beer pong the normal way, but in between every game you chief a fat bong with everyone. Don't hog it, share!

Some bitches who think they are the shit with the green might say that you don't smoke enough in this game. If you can drink more beer than your mom, and have a few friends, you will smoke a lot because many games of Bong Pong will be played.

To Recap:

Step 1: Smoke Bong
Step 2: Play a game of pong

Repeat until no one is left to play with you.
Friend1: Hey man, we're playing Bong Pong at the lake house, you in?

Friend2: Shit yeah. Bong Pong is the krunkest game ever
by Juice1234 May 15, 2010
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Greatest ever played. Same as Beer Pong, buut instead put a nuggie of the finest cheeba u can find. After a shot is made, hit the nuggie in the cup out of the nicest peice(perferablly a nice PHX ice catcher) and get High!
Friend 1: Yo, wanna go get stoned?
Friend 2: Yea, I got a new ice catcher
Friend 2: YEA!
by Cpt. Jack Sparrow September 13, 2006
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Same as Beer Pong except replace beer with ganja
Just put a couple nugs of some good weed in the cups
Same Rules Apply as beer pong
After Shot is hit place weed in a largge ice catching bong and rip
Get really high
Friend 1- Wna have people over and play beer pong
Friend 2- Ya and well play bong pong
Friend 1- Great idea, your a genius
Friend 2- Well get soo high i just bought this new ice catcher
Friend 1- Lets get retarded
by 1 WAY September 01, 2006
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a game played with a bong that is a cross between table top foot ball and smoking bong. the game is played between two stony individuals. the players sit across from each other at a table, and define two three inch "endzones" at each end. Stoner A must pack the bowl as full as can be, and then the games begin. stoner 1 must take a hit, and then slide the lighter towards the other player, attempting for it to stop in the end zone. if the lighter stays in the endzone, the player who just shot gets to take another hit, then pass the bong. if the lighter ends up half off the table, the player who just shot gets two extra hits, and a chance to shoot again. the game goes on in this fassion untill the bowl is empty. the winner is determined by no logical precedings, but rather by and agreement as to who had the most stony fun!! its the greatest game ever, and must be played with a large, volumnious bowl.
stoner 1: hey lets hit this bong
stoner 2: i wish there were a way we could make hitting the bong both interesting and fun
stoner 1: there is!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!! BONG PONG!!!
stoner 2: sounds fun
420 minutes later
stoner 2: so who do you think won
stoenr 1: i dont know who took more hits
stoner 2: i did
stoner 1: well it doesnt matter i had more fun, and therefore i won
stoner 2: that seems illogical, i like your stony thinking
by stonycuddles42.069 January 29, 2008
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