Buut is a term refering to fecal matter otherwize known as shit.

Buut pronounced like b-uut, rhymes with foot.

Commenly used among native americans.
'Michelle and Floyd smell like buut. Thy must of got sloppy last night."

"I stepped in some buut and now my shoes filthy"

"It smeels like someone took a buut in here."
by jodis November 9, 2006
a boot leg blu ray made to make people think that shit is high def but is not.
Yo son check this shit out......I got that new transformers movie on buut ray.

What's buut ray?

It's like blu ray but boot leg.

Is that shit high def?

Nah son it's buut ray definition.

Oh word? How does that compare to high definition?

Do you want it or not?
by Ryan, Fahey, Kevin June 25, 2009