When you have Friday off from work and you just fuck around all day Thursday.
"Hey Jeff, we have Friday off before the weekend, so let's bring some beers to the office and have Bon Jovi Friday."
by Gronlandic November 12, 2008
Bon Jovi Friday, originally, is a concept taken from "The Xtacles", where on the Thursday before a Friday you have off - you party and screw off at work like it is Friday.

However this concept has come to pertain to any such day that precedes a day or days off.

Although such days are still referred to as "Bon Jovi Friday" no matter the actual day of the week.
“When you have Friday off from work, and you just F*ck around all day Thursday … you know what that is? That is a Bon Jovi Friday!”

-from The Xtacles.
by Adam the Häg March 11, 2009
When you have friday off, and you spend all day Thursday goofing off like it's a Friday.
Since Friday is a holiday, we sent all day Thursday drinking in the office in celebration of "Bon Jovi Friday"
by teddypopup November 11, 2008
The act of partying all day Thursday and knowing you have the next day (Friday) off to relax and do whatever you want. As made famous by the show The Xtacles on Adult Swim.
"I have the day off tomorrow so let's have a Bon Jovi Friday and party all day!"
by DevastaSHAWN November 12, 2008
A Bon Jovi Friday accrues on a thurday when you have Friday off from work and you just f*ck around all day thurday
I'm having a Bon Jovi Friday because tomorrow is my birthday and I'm getting smashed
by blizzard1284 December 11, 2008
The day before you have Friday off and you slack off all day Thursday.

A Bon Jovi Friday is were you slack off the day before Friday and party till Friday is over.
"No, no, no you don't understand. When you have Friday off from work and you just f*%k around all day Thursday, you know what that is? That is a Bon Jovi Friday!"
"Bon Jovi Friday!"
by RIVEXNGLE November 21, 2008
When you have Friday off of work so all you do on Thursday at work is slack off.
Yeah man we're going start drinking at noon on Thursday because we have Friday off. You know have a good ol Fashioned Bon Jovi Friday!!
by TheMosdave November 24, 2008