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A more slang version of the already slang term, Ballin'.
When you mis-interpret a rap song. They are saying Ballin', but it sounds like bollin' sometimes. Often confused by white boys like me.

Can also be acted out at the same time by mimicking an actual bowler throwing the ball down the lane.

In special situations, where Bollin' just doesn't cut it, you can use another similar word, Golfin'!!! which basically means the same as bollin' and ballin' but is mostly used to mock the two words. Works best while pretending to make golf swing.
You're friend pulls a wad of cash out of his pocket, Bollin'!!

Then you're other buddy pulls out a bigger wad just to be a dick, Golfin'!!!
by OneEyed April 12, 2008
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vb. Going well, doing great. Origin unknown.
adj. Great, excellent. Origin unknown
"How are you guys doing?"
"We're bollin'."

That concert last night was bollin'.

by _________________ September 30, 2006
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