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A person who you may see in person only a few times a year due to living in seperate, distant cities; usually hot enough to justify effort in communication. For most of the year, contact with this person exists only through text messages, the occasional phone call or email. Typically, upon reunion, the Boise Friend will profess pleasure and excitement for seeing you and bemoan the sparse contact the rest of the year. After seeing the Boise Friend, communication is fairly regular. After a month or so, however, they stop answering text messages and don't call back so the communication is totally one-sided. After a little while the crap they dish out in this way outweighs their residual hotness and at this point you delete them from your various contacts. The Boise Friend should not be confused with the Long Distance Friend, with whom contact is always two-way, if sparse.
"Did you hear back from Julie?" "Yeah, but it took her three days to answer my text. She's turning into a Boise Friend."

Lowell ran into Kate at the Nyssa get-together but after a few weeks he never heared back from her. He'd had enough of her on-again, off-again Boise Friend crap so he deleted her. When she called two months later out of the blue, he didn't recognize her number and ignored it.
by Heck Yes Im JM February 11, 2008
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