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Babe, Baby or Boo

Derived from "babes", in the way that one might say to their partner, "Hey babes!", one uses the word "boibs" in conjunction with the greeting "Hoi" derived similarly from "Hey" or "Hi".

The two words can be combined sensibly into "Hoibs" for quickness and ease of use.
1. "Hoi boibs! How was ur day, my love?"
2. "Hoibs! What are you up to?"
by Boiby March 27, 2010
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"Boib" is a word with multiple meanings, mainly used as a word to say when you can't think of the actual word you're trying to say. "Boib" also means messing around or talking with no meaning to one of your friends. You CAN NOT "Boib Off" with strangers.

You can also use "boible" as a substitute for the word "guy" or "friend".
"Jared and Jordan were boibing off today."

"Yo, hand me that... Uhhh... That boib over there so I can finish this project."


"Howdy Boible."
by Reverend Boibus August 13, 2019
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(WAS) an exclusive group that only the people with good memes could join for example Renarta (Sam), Brooke, Baylee and Jayden. The boibs will fight anyone that crosses their path
by Renarta May 03, 2018
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a boib is a word used for anything you want.
I touched her boibs.

Dudr that boib just fell down
by cruisers March 03, 2005
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