Normally a last name bohms have a crazy amout of big dick energy so be careful if you leave your girlfriend around him... he’ll fuck your girlfriend.
I messed up man i, i left my girl for 5 minutes to go get water and when i came back she was hooking up with jack bohm. I should’ve known not to leave her with him.
by Jaaaka August 25, 2019
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An interjection that denotes approval, success, positive opinion, or an acknowledgement of awesomeness.
I just got a perfect score on my math test! BOHM!
by ATrent June 5, 2009
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When someone throws up in their mouth, but has to swallow it down.
Usually the circumstance to cause such a thing is more disgusting than the bohm bohm itself.
Guy A: Did you see that chunky stripper?
Guy B: With the herpes? Yeah, I bohm bohmed in the strip club
by Guy1060 July 25, 2010
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Bohm is a weiner. There is no other word to describe it, when every other insult just doesn't do enough, and you just think wow, what a weiner. That is a Bohm.
"Did you hear what that Bohm did?"
"Ya, what a fucking weiner"
by RoderC January 16, 2019
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