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The most beautiful person in the world. If you ever get lucky enough for her to fall in love with you always treasure her never make the mistake of treating her like she isnt worth you while because she is worth every second of your every day. She deserves all the love in the world and if you are in a relationship with her you better make sure you give her all the live in the world because as much as it will kill her if she feels that you arent trying and you don’t listen to her she will have to do whats right and move on, and once she does its too late your gonna be alone and its gonna hurt. So take care of her and love her to bits she gets enough shit you dont need to add on, ask her about her day, bring her out even if you’re broke and always kiss her forehead. I love you jess
I love you with all my heart jess you mean the world to me
by Jaaaka October 01, 2019

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A guy that likes nobody and likes to sleep till the afternoon doing nothing all day
Jagweer was sleeping till 3pm again today so we couldnt meet up before it started raining
by Jaaaka January 04, 2018

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Normally a last name bohms have a crazy amout of big dick energy so be careful if you leave your girlfriend around him... he’ll fuck your girlfriend.
I messed up man i, i left my girl for 5 minutes to go get water and when i came back she was hooking up with jack bohm. I should’ve known not to leave her with him.
by Jaaaka August 25, 2019

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