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When you find yourself in a suddenly broken situation, or state of despair and embarrassment, relative to your own stupidity, or that of a friend's. Often resulting in self inflicted physical punishment, or complete self loathing
Call a girl by wrong name, friend says "Man she Bodybreak you!" As you walk back to your table of friends with a pint of beer and hand print across your face.

Wipe out, crash, walk into, slam, or physically abuse your body against an object or objects. "Man you Bodybreak hard."

Drink to much at the bar and go missing only to be found by your friends passed out in the back alley. "Oh man, he was Bodybreaked."

So high you turned up the radio because you couldn't hear the drive through lady talking on the speaker. "Buddy, we are Bodybreaked."
by 908-RecAnimal September 06, 2017
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the best damn television commercial-ish series in the world.
Joanne McLeod and Hal Johnson always told me, "Stay fit and have fun!"

by Joel67 May 11, 2007
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