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To put the hair in the purses frame, after a long ride on an icecream truck.
July comes this year said the number one body swap per. "Sourly, sad" said the number one stumbler. So they bitch fuck sucker punch lawsusinated Satan's Shiraley self to get it back.

Henry Thorau's Tupee equals a Marc Jacobs advertizment. (One person of intrest.) Body swap Helena Bonam Carter for me and I sold both of their souls in one if my 12 red notebooks.

Otto Rank's look a like said that black people are finally welcome " cause this songs cool, talking bout "Sail"

Jonny Weir looks like he is body swap 101 for people who sound like thier from America. EXAMPLE: That gay male prositiute Amelorated into the onle Whore tried tired tirerd poker face woman of Mepotopolies-
by Hitler'sbunny September 30, 2011
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