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One of the ugliest Sea Cows ever to roam the ocean. He was titled Bodvar on the 18th August 1995. Once born as a Sea Calf in our beautiful world, he was immediately cast out for his unattractive looks. He has been dubbed as a calamity in our wondrous earth and he forever dwells at the bottom of the ocean, even ignored by the passing sea life due to his horrendous features and overall abnormal size. He is a aquatic being not to be confronted; a casual scuba-diver witnessed his ugliness and even received a horrifyingly painful eye infection. That disease it now known as Bodvarisanuglyseacowitis. BE WARNED.
Scuba-Diver: "HOLY SHIT. Guys, guys! I need help! I just saw the most horrible thing ever laying on a bed of moss! OH MY GOD, MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES. IT'S BODVAR THE SEA COW!"
by That Scuba Diver July 02, 2010
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Dreadful, stinking creature that lurks in caves and is definitely to be FEARED!!! Or he'll poop in yer face.
Ah!! It's Bodvar!!!
by Anonymous March 01, 2003
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