Slang name for Boddingtons, pale beer from Manchester.
Get that Boddies down your fucking neck and buy us another round!
by ud40 February 23, 2005
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A sexy beast of man meat that is both intelligent and desirable. Something you want to have. It has a great booty and has body.

Pronounced: Boe-dee
I'm gonna get me some Boddie tonight!
by Scorpion Lollipop March 04, 2012
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I LOVE Jamie Boddy!
Basically, she's the shit! She makes me smile when my world is falling apart, she makes me feel like I'm invincible! She's the reason I wake up, write songs, and the reason I breathe! Without her, I'd be a waste of matter! I love her, her smile, her laugh, her eyes, her snot-face, her body, her existence, and her everything! :) :) :)
Every guy needs a Jamie Boddy, but they're hard to find!
by MrLucky August 29, 2010
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