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A Boca Raton version of the regular Bro. This trust fund dick head will be wearing his ralph lauren polo shirt tucked into his banana republic khaki's rocking boat shoes. Constantly in the face of wait staff and his girlfriend to show how tough he is. No one really likes this person, but will hang out with him because he usually picks up the tab with his parents credit card.
So we were at Mizner Park and this Boca Bro got drunk off of Long Islands and threw his glass at the bartender after he got cut off. Come at me, Boca Bro.
by Lord thanatos March 08, 2011
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n. When two people find out they have both received oral from the same girl at different times, they then become Boca Bros. Similar to Eskimo Bros or Tunnel Buddies, but the connection is a blow job.
Ty: Bro that chick gave me head last night!

John: No way! I got head from her last week.
Ty: Looks like we’re Boca Bros!
by TheRealTyGuy December 06, 2019
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