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A bobin is an aging English lothario who socialises with younger friends to remind himself of his better days. He often gets jealous of his younger companions and sometimes retaliates against their youth and good looks by destroying something valuable belonging to them.
I was out drinking with my friends, but then this total bobin, who i don't even really know, attached himself to the crew.
by englishbob2010 August 17, 2010
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The act of going to a store and seeing how much stuff you can put in the Bottom Of the Basket/shopping cart and walk out with, without getting caught.
Kyle - "Hey have you ever heard of bob?
Stan - "Who's bob?
Kyle - "No b.o.b. it means bottom of basket."
Stan - "Umm, what does that mean?"
Kyle - "Well when we go to the store today, we will go bobin' and see what kind of expensive stuff we can steal by putting it in the bottom rack of the shopping cart. They never bother to check!
by VanillaG6790 August 26, 2012
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A short fat and dumb guy who has an audi and is an asshole . No one ever likes him and his girlfriend is way taller than him.
by Bobin is a motherfucker June 02, 2017
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