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It is rare that a lot of people can successfully practice this philosophy. Before one can covert to Bobbyism, they must have an IQ that is higher than that of an Asian's. To practice Bobbyism, one must follow these laws, and it is strongly recommended that one can easily relate to these laws should they become a faithful Bobbyist, and hopefully make it to the Heavens of Bobby.

The 9 Laws of Bobbyism:

1. School is the easier than your mom.

2. Never start on an assignment until the last minute. Sometimes, one (the Bobbyist) should take this literally.

3. Not studying = Passing all exams/tests/quizzes.

4. Troll daily.

5. Should one have haters, they mustn't care at all.

6. One must be a computer genius; they must know every single thing about computers.

7. One must be desensitized to even the worst thing on the internet.

8. One must visit frequently, or just sit on their tush all day on the computer.

9. Success shall be obtained without effort.
1) "Hey, what's your religion?"


*runs away quickly in fear*

2) "Did you study for your test?"

To which a Bobbyist should reply with, "Ha, studying."
by Mynameisblank April 26, 2012
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An action that warrants a "goddamnit bobby!"
Bobbyism can be used when one leaves his cranial on his seat and goes on to blame a whole workcenter of misplacing it.
by tron210 July 09, 2010
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