A man who is infatuated and sexually aroused by a woman that is a squirter!
Dan: Your brother always talks about his infatuation with girls who squirt.
Lance: He is definitely a Bobby Boucher!
by Black DON-o-mite May 17, 2019
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Tackling some one extremely hard as in "de-cleating them". References Adam Sandler's character in the movie Waterboy.
Dang, that linebacker just "Bobby Bouchered" that quarterback!
by flacker October 14, 2005
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A 5-hour energy drink poured into a 16 oz of energy drink (for example Monster, NOS, Large RedBulls). Originally propagated by Bobby Boucher, a former NFL star who started his football career in the swamps of Louisiana after being a water boy for 18 years.
I was up for three days studying... I am gonna need a Bobby Boucher before the exam.
by Patman888 July 21, 2022
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