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After the act of Muzzleloading, the person on the receiving end of the Muzzleloading shits on the person who did the muzzleloading's face, giving that person pink eye, similar to Bob Costas at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.
"Dude, that Bob Costas got messy pretty fast." "I had to explain to the doctor how i got my pink eye, it was embarrassing when I told him it was from a Bob Costas."
by HJeezy July 29, 2014
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sportscaster for espn and the olympics. he is fiendishly evil, and has crushed whole contries with his paralyzing fear teqnique.
"dont go to athens, $2Bn on security is not enough, lets crush their economy!"
by maxzilla March 27, 2005
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