Receiving a Blumpkin while taking an Upper-Decker, it's as simple as that.
Joanie loves Chachi so much that she gave him a Blumperdecker the other day in a rundown truck stop bathroom because they had nothing better to do.
by Dico Brohey February 22, 2010
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The combination of a blumpkin and an upper decker.
To defecate in the tank of one's toilet while receiving a blowjob.
i.e. To get mad domepiece while releasing the beast into the top of that Faggoty Ann's toilet.
Leopold: My asshole roommate fucked my mom last week, so I asked his mom to come over to 'see which of his clothes not to donate'. I broke out a decadent white zinf at the end, and one thing led to another... Next thing I know I'm getting him back with a blumper decker in his bathroom with his mom.

Lance: My stars, good play.
by Wlllford Brimley August 31, 2010
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The act of receiving a blumpkin while taking a shit in the back part of the toilet or otherwise known as an upper decker. For the desired effect you must ejaculate into the toilet bowl and leave unflushed semen in the toilet. Someone will see the semen and procede to flush it unaware that the toilet bowl will now be filled with shit. Its a perfect mash-up of the blumpkin and upper decker
My roomates wouldnt stop leaving the toilet unflushed full of piss so I left them a very surpising blumperdecker
by mypimppony May 04, 2015
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A variation of the Blumpkin; getting a blowjob while giving an Upper Decker.
Yo man, I met this girl at this doucher's house and took her in the bathroom and got into an amazing Blumper Decker. That girl gives a great hummer and that doucher's bathroom is gonna smell like shit for weeks!
by E-Nasty February 26, 2010
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