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A little podunk town just south of Fort Wayne. Kids usually deny their residence and claim to be from Fort Wayne out of embarrassment. Taken over by apostolics whom have purposely gone around and destroyed all fun in the entire city. FOR YOUR OWN SANITY, DO NOT ENTER.
Person 1: Are you from Bluffton?
Person 2: Hell no, never heard of it. I'm from Fort Wayne.
by Quailman222 January 24, 2009
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The shit ass town that everyone wants to come to, the kids hate, and yet they never leave. Shit hole. Too much growth. Horrible children. Shit school system. No real education. Even the libraries suck. Teenagers are bored to death so become whores and drug lords. Dead end. Do not enter, or you will die, become pregnant or catch some gross ass std and be trapped here forever. Say goodbye to the real world. Your life ends here. True story, bro.
Bluffton is full of bored dumb sluts.
by Vampcanombie October 14, 2011
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Getting a blow job while upperdeckering
Guy 1: I wanna try and hookup with that girl
Guy 2: Dont try to hard
Guy 1: what do you mean?
Guy 2: Shes a huge slut she gave me a bluffton in the library bathroom
Guy 1: respect
by gjhyman April 03, 2013
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