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When you take a shit in a port-a-let and the blue chemical water splashes back up on you staining your ass and your back.
Dude, hitting the port-a-let for a quick dump...

Make sure you hop up quick so you don't get Blue Back!

Bobby was scrubbing his ass cuz he got Blue Back at the State Fair...
by B. Hanback September 09, 2009
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The frustration experienced as a result of a backrub stopped too soon, especially when the backrub giver never intended to follow through with the backrub in the first place. A phenomenon similar to, but less severe than, blue balls.
She rubbed my shoulders for about three seconds then just laughed and walked away. Now I've got blue back.
by snaptastic February 16, 2010
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When someone starts to give you a backrub, then leaves abruptly, leaving you unsatisfied.
"Mike was giving me the best backrub, and then he just left in the middle! Total blue back."
by Jacketman89 February 16, 2010
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