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A sexual act involving three people where one person gives a man a blowjob while another person gives the man a rimjob, at the same time.
Dennis said he wanted a threesome, I propose we give him the blue plate special.
by rmc79 October 03, 2012
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when your sexual partner squats over you and shits on your chest while you sleep, usually out of frustration.
Realizing she was not about to have sex, Sally rolled over a drunken Stash and proceeded to give him the blue plate special.
by mark pat January 20, 2005
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New Jersey replaced their old, blue license plates in 1993, but some were given the option to keep them. These drivers, called Blue Plate Specials, are characterized by their white hair, incompetent, shockingly slow driving, most often in a Dodge Aries with a vinyl top.
Fuck, I'm stuck behind another blue plate special.
by Shit Cock October 22, 2012
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Out-of-state drivers pulled over by the police. Frequently used by Buckeyes (people from Ohio) to describe people from Michigan. Ohio license plates have been on a white background for years, Michigan license plates have been white lettering on blue since 1979 (the fancy license plates are relatively new). Other possible combinations include New Jersey or Delaware in Pennsylvania or New York, I'm sure there are others.

Some states have more restrictive traffic laws than their neighbors, and the police seem to enjoy it.
Typical holiday weekends there will be Blue Plate Specials all along Route 2.
by Old_Radio_Collector May 13, 2007
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