the Blue House, Cheong Wa Dae
the headquarters of the national madhouses of South Korea in Seoul.
If Kim Jong-il is confined to the Blue House, Roh Moo-hyun will serve the master.
by Abajian August 30, 2005
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A long period of defecation with an infinite supply of constipated fecal matter causes the anus to split open. Usually a fatal event.

Also the dankest TV show to air.
"We remember Daniel, who tragically died of a Bear In The Big Blue House attack."
by Ranky64 March 21, 2017
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When a blue collar worker wants to climb the ladder, he follows his boss into the port a John and gives him a blow job while he’s taking a shit.
Guy 1-“Hey, I heard that guy’s getting a promotion.”
Guy 2- “how the hell did he do that?”
Guy 1-“he gave boss man a blue house blumpkin
by Bikejc7 July 15, 2018
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