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Since Yellow bone means : a light skinned girl and Red bone means : a mixed girl .

*Blue bone is a dark skinned girl !
Guy 1 : "Daaaamn look at that Blue bone over there looking all sexy"

Guy 2 : "Mmm , she a fine ass Blue bone"
by Kiiiiiii(: June 02, 2010
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A caucasian woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy body with a ghetto booty.
Sam- "Whoa, look at that redbone over there!"

Kurt- "You can have that redbone. I perfer a bluebone! There isn't nothing like a blonde with blue eyes and a nice booty!"
by JDineen January 27, 2011
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Angsty teen or pre-teen with loud mouth, too much spare time and an astonishinly high confidence in the worth if his or her own option. Likes to piss people off, making self look better by pointing out faults in others, and being kissed in the ass 24/7.
OMG bluebones i want 2 haev ur children!!!1!!111!!11!ONE111!
by A fan July 12, 2003
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A Blue bone ('blue' is referring to the nhl team, St. Louis blues) Is an African American female from St. Louis, Missouri, and has the best body a woman can posess. She has smooth caramel skin, Amazing Ass, and a remarkable pair of breasts. The only person to call a blue bone ugly is a gay man. There is no straight individual that could call a blue bone unnatractive. They are the most beautiful women known to the hoods of America.
Homeboy 1: damn bruh, on my hood that chick a Blue bone

Homeboy 2: chuuch fam. I wish i could catch ME a Blue Bone like that.

Homeboy 1: aint no explainin what i'd do to that ass

Homeboy 2: ill be back cusso, im bout' to fall in love.
by PCMG gucc November 29, 2012
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Bluebones: A phenomena of the forums; A random storm of harassment, flaming and ass-kissing; a swearword used to describe people that not other word would suffice for; the internet nickname of the largest ego since people had personalities and cognitive functions.
See above.
by Another Fan. July 14, 2003
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A person who visits forums regularly, and tells people how it is. For this he gains many fans and many dumbass foes who resort to things such as this, since they cannot debate worth a shit.
Bluebones makes a foe cry because he can't come back with any comebacks.
by jabudox July 14, 2003
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A blue collar worker dedicated to their craft and their family blue collar worker to the bones
He's a good guy He's a blue bone a real hard worker
by wrenchbb May 22, 2018
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