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A Bloxxer is a ROBLOX player that comes from the sub - communities of Sword Fighting, Brick Battle, Paint Balling. This term was coined by the earliest of Brick Battlers such as "Koopa" and "cheesypop".

The term is used by many sub - communities within ROBLOX but originates in the roots of all battles on the website; Brick Battle - specifically Traditional 6 - Tool Brick Battle.
linkerconnected Did you see the duel between Uberman360 and Tyler9698?
Mj10 Yeah. Uber pwned Tyler. What a Bloxxer.
by Alpha Brick Master November 27, 2018
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Bloxxer is a stereotype for ROBLOX players who play games, where they kill each other (PvP) or kill enemies. (PvE)
Bloxxer Kid 1: Ugh, Meepcity is booooooriiiing.
Bloxxer Kid 1: HELL YEA!
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by someunfunnyguy69 July 22, 2018
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A person, usually a little kid around 10, who has no life and sits inside all day playing Roblox.
Do you know that one kid who lives down the street, all he does is play Roblox, what a Bloxxer
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by jeff_jefferson December 07, 2017
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