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A hairstyle for medium or long hair, generally worn by women. This hairstyle is characterized by the hair being gathered together somewhere on the parietal region of the scalp.

The name, "blownytail," is a reference to two things:

A.) another hairstyle, the ponytail, in which the hair is gathered together on the occipital region of the scalp.

B.) a sexual act, the blowjob, images of which are often evoked by the blownytail.

The degree of the effect described in "B" increases as the distance between the blownytail and the occipital region increases: blownytails worn on the top of the head do a better job evoking images of blowjobs than blownytails that are worn on the back of the head.
"Karen gave a very informative presentation, but I couldn't pay attention because I kept picturing that blownytail of hers bouncing around above my lap. It might have been a better idea to go with a ponytail in a professional setting."
by Blownytail January 17, 2012
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When you are about to give a blow job and need to put your hair up.
That girl had to put her hair in a blownytail before succ
by andrewoneth April 29, 2019
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