A metaphore used to express death. When you are cremated into ashes and your loved ones release your ashes into the wind. But you're not supposed to picture it that way; you picture someone you know who is dead and vizualize them standing untill his/her bodie truns to ash and blows away.
An example from 2pac's "Keep Ya Head Up." I'm Tryin' to find my friends, but their "Blowin' In The Wind." Meaning that they're dieing off..
by the nigga tht kno wat up March 25, 2010
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is a song written by Bob Dylan in the 1960s, album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.
Basically, just a song of one of his albums.
by Dentonic PoWeLl March 4, 2005
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When someone is in the midst of giving you a blowjob and you break wind in their face.
Mike farted while his girlfriend was goin' down on him last night. Poor bitch was just blowin' in the wind after that.
by Cal Pewter January 18, 2007
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