An alcoholic drink.

In a shot glass (NOT a cordial glass):
1/2 shot Bailey's Irish Cream
1/2 shot Kaluah
Topped with whipped cream as high as you can make it.

After the shot is made, the drinker can do a liptease, and lick some of the cream off the top. If the drink has been bought by somebody else, this is almost a requirement.

The drinker places her hands behind her back, leans over, wraps her lips around the shotglass and straightens up, tilting the head back and swallowing the shot in one gulp.

This is a good way to get free drinks, just make sure you don't choke. It takes a while to master the technique of doing this gracefully and looking sexy.
Girl 1: Remember that hot blond guy from the club last night?
Girl 2: Yeah.
Girl 1: After you left I ordered a Blow Job shot, and did it with him watching, I totally didn't go home alone.
by Glenalucard October 19, 2008
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The guy unzips his fly and the full shot glass is placed in the opening. You then have to take the shot without using your hands.
Jennifer was hazed last week. She had to take 6 blow job shots out of Stephen's crotch in 15 minutes!
by symptomfinger October 31, 2007
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