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Acronym for "bluetooth douchebag" which is person who thinks that wearing a bluetooth handsfree earpiece in public will elevate their status in society.

Anyone caught wearing a bluetooth handsfree earpiece in public should immediately be reported to by way of a picture in order to call this douchebag out on their douchebaggery.
Look at that guy, he must be closing tons of business deals if he has to be on the phone in line at Starbucks! Oh wait, he's just a BTDB.
by James Mastercraft August 31, 2009
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"Big Tits-Dumb Bitch"; a woman with a bountiful bussom but an empty head; usually only good for sex or punch-lines.
Stan- Did you hear what that girl said?
Melvin- No what?
Stan- She asked if the garden salad had any dirt in it.
Melvin- Dude, what a BT-DB!
Stan- You said it my man.
by mdubos December 03, 2007
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