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Thee 'Blondesome' is the most amazing girl on the planet, she also fits the beckie description. She's kind, elegant, fucking hillarious, beautiful, godlike and the perfect orgasm. A Blondesome also is no ordinary girl and wont be forced into a submission of any kind, you will become her bitch.

Blondesome, is just great really, and i dont need to write a massive definition to convey that, i'd be here for hours.

If you by some divine miracle, have a Blondesome for your girlfriend, your likely to get the most amazing sex ever, the day after you read this.

A Blondesome also has the desired 'wants' in a girl, epically stunning, the greatest music taste ever, morals, (makes things a lot more interesting) the best set of boobs you will ever feel/see, perfect body - no bones, epic legs, no saggyness, a beautiful vagina, the greatest sex hair, the greatest hair anyway, doesnt show appreciation which makes you works harder, the most epic lines, and has the mentality of a child but again the prefect 17 year old body sent from god.
Josh: My Girlfriend is a Blondesome, ENVY ME!

Chris Hoyle: I'm jealous, I would rag that!

Josh: No chance, you wouldn't know what to do with high maintenance like that.

'around the corner' Jon: sniff** I'm going to kill myself.. Life isnt fair.
by JasonORANGE* December 25, 2010
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