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blobby is characterized by people who dont do any activities or who have really stupid activities like tennis , scrapbooking, taking pictures, sending e cards , shopping at expensive stores that sell ugly preppy clothes like polo ralph lauren and lacoste, they of course have a apple laptop, they like the notebook, wear colored ugg boots, would rather hang out with one of their teachers or parents then go to a party, hang out with their freinds much younger siblings that are like 11, they like golf,work on the yearbook, are overly involved in school events, are straightedge, collect shells to put in their scrapbooks, take alot of pictures of everything that happens ever, text their moms on their sidekicks,bake and sew on their weekends, tubing , shopping at rok and lola, working in womens boutique stores as men,being obsessed with the OC, gilmore girls , and other blobby tv shows like Freinds, having tiny dogs that fit in your purse, liking The Notebook, flipflops
A-apple computers
C-camera /cotton balls /curtains /cupcakes/ conneticuit / color coded assignment sheets /color coded anything
D-designer bags
E- e-cards / easter
F-facebook / flipflops / fingertips /face wash
G-gilmore girls / golf
H-honor code
I- i am a blob / ipod cases
J-Juicy Couture / john mayer / jesse / jelly beans
L-lavalamp / leaves pressed into scrapbooks / lampshades / loofas
M- mommies / mr.blob / massachusettes / maxi pads
N-Notebook / new hampshire
P- Pictures / puffy hair / polo shirts
Q- quilts
R-Ranney /rok and lola / Ralph Lauren
S- scrapbooks /school events / straightedge / siblings / soft rock / starbucks / starfish
T-teachers / tubing / tissues
U- ugg boots(colored(pink))
V- velvet
W- watermelon
X- xylaphone
Z- zoloft blob
by Sammeta February 15, 2007
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Alternate word to describe a condom or Franger
"I'd like a packet of blobbies please?"
"Don't worry babe, I'm packin some blobbies!"
..."Dude, one hell of a Party!"
..."hell yeah; Hey whats that hanging out of my arse?"
..."It's a Blobby dude!"
..."Oh thank GOD! I thought it was a ferret!"
by Ramjet Brisbane Australia January 11, 2005
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faded color usually with repeated washes
dude1; Hey Jenny doesnt know her shirt is unbottoned till middle and we can see her bra and the cleavage.
Dude2; How are you Miss-blobby-pink-bra?
Jenny; Oh sorry! my shirt button is broke, can you give me yours.
by mumu April 24, 2007
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